Frameless Shower EnclosuresFrameless Showers

Frameless Showers will transform your bathroom. These enclosures have no metal frame, are easier to keep clean, and minimize mold and scum build up. Frameless shower enclosures make your bathroom look bigger and feel cleaner. Not to mention, they look luxurious and make your home more appealing to sell when it’s time to move. If your shower is old, moldy, and outdated, then consider replacing it with one of our frameless shower doors by Estero Shower & Glass.

No Metal Frame

Because frameless shower enclosures are designed without the metal frame, there is nothing to obstruct your view. This means your eye sees through the shower glass and this makes the room feel bigger and more open.

Less Maintenance

Just like anything else, when you have less moving parts, you minimize maintenance. This is true about frameless doors as well. We also use quality parts made from brass unlike the old framed systems that use aluminum and sometimes steel. They are designed to be strong and last long

Easier to Clean

Think about where most of the hard to clear mold and scum is on your shower? It is in those hard to reach places, most likely in a metal track or at the bottom of your shower door. Build up happens when water sits with a difficult time draining. With the design of our frameless doors, there is nothing for water to sit in. Plus we use a high strength mildew and mold resistant clear silicone that makes it even better. We also sell a product called EnduroSheild. It is a protectant we add to the inside of the shower glass that acts like a long lasting Rain-x.


One of the best features of the frameless shower enclosures is that the door swings both ways! You can open it outward or inward toward the shower. They are also easier to repair if something should need to be repaired.


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a customer tell me they decided to buy a frameless shower enclosure because they saw one at the resort they stayed in on vacation and they wanted one for their bathroom. These are designed to look amazing. We use quality well made hardware with beautiful finishes. The glass is twice as thick as a standard door.

Last longer

Because these enclosures are made from higher quality products and have less moving parts, they last longer.

Clear Glass

Most frameless shower enclosures are designed with clear glass. This makes the bathroom feel the most open and clean. This is especially desired when you are using beautiful tile. Why use beautiful tile in your shower and then cover it up with an obscured glass?

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