With many different shower doors on the market, learning how to repair a shower door can be a problem. There are dozens of different types shower doors, all of which operate differently in terms of how the hinging mechanism works. Having said that, the explanation of how to repair a shower door would require multiple steps and a lot more room than what we have here. In this post, we’ll focus on how to repair a frameless shower door and the two main issues with them.

The most common of issues with frameless shower doors really boils down to two things:

  • The door begins to slip out of the hinge at the top. It may actually hits the glass panel, wall, or curb when you open or close the door.
  • One of the hinges begins to make a popping or snapping sound when you open and close it.

Slipping Door

Step #1: Standing in the shower, remove the splash rail from the bottom of the door and secure the door by placing wood shims on the curb under the door.

Step #2: Next, you slowly unscrew the two top hinge screws that hold the glass in place in the hinge and remove the hinge plate.

Step #3: Once you have done that, you can lift the handle side of the door and adjust the shims so that the door is back in the proper place in the hinge.

Step #4: Once you can see that the gap between the door and panel is the same top and bottom, place the hinge plate back on and secure it with the two screws you removed making sure they are very, very tight. Remove the shims from under the door and check to make sure the gap is still even top to bottom. If so, tighten the screws once more and that’s it!

Clicking Hinge

If you have a clicking hinge, then you would need to contact a shower door professional like Estero Shower & Glass. We can easily repair or replace the hinge. Other minor issues, such as a leaking clamp can easily be remedied by drying the area around the clamp and reapplying silicone. Learning how to repair a shower door is simple when it comes to frameless doors.

In many cases, the shower door cannot be repaired and may need to be replaced. If you get to the point where you want to use a professional, then reach out to Estero Shower & Glass. We service Bonita Springs, Naples, and Fort Myers. Our helpful staff will steer you in the right direction. We look forward to serving you

How to Repair a Shower Door