Cabinet GlassEstero Shower & Glass supplies all of your glass needs. Maybe you are looking to cover a nice wood table to protect it from scratches; we can help. If you are looking to update some cabinets in your kitchen with some beautiful decorative cabinet glass, we have dozens of unique samples to choose from. Or maybe you have an old window that won’t operate anymore; we can replace it for you. We hope to be your one-stop-shop to solve any glass needs you may have.

Glass has an amazing ability to open up a room and make it feel larger. We encourage customers to envision what a room would feel like with clear glass products or mirrors. Imagine what the cabinets in the picture above would look like if they were solid wood? Sometimes all a room needs to update it or transform it is a little bit of glass. Here is an article from the Dayton Daily News that give some great tips of updating with glass without spending a lot of money.

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Safety Glass

It’s important to know a little about safety glass and when it is required by code. There are two types of safety glass products: Tempered and laminated. Tempered breaks into a thousand little pieces when broken, and laminated sticks together. The best example I can give is your car windshield is laminated and the windows are tempered. We do not do any automobile work, but it’s a good thing to remember.

All doors are required to be either tempered or laminated. Hurricane Impact windows and doors are made with a heavy thick laminate. Shower doors are made from tempered. Most products installed within 18 inches of the ground is also required to be safety glass.

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