Framed Shower EnclosuresFramed Shower

In most cases, I try to steer customers away from buying framed shower doors. They are harder to keep clean, they don’t last as long, and they make a bathroom look smaller. Frameless doors are ten times nicer and normally only cost about 10% more. Although in some cases I recommend a framed door over a frameless door. What ever your application and reasons, consider having Estero Glass Company come out to give you a free in home estimate so we can assess your situation and give you our professional advise.

Here are some reasons you may want to consider a framed shower door.

Placement of Shower Head

If your shower head is pointed directly at the door you may want to consider a framed shower enclosure. Framed shower enclosures tend to be more water tight. If there is a constant direct water stream pointed at a door, choosing the framed option may cut down on leaking. This happens most frequent when a shower is small and less than six square feet.

Outward Pitched Curb

Most tile installers are professional and do not have this problem. However, from time to time people make mistakes and forget things. On occasion, tile installers will forget to install the curb on a shower stall with a pitch draining into the shower. If it is pitched towards the outside of the shower, and you are not up for making the repair, then a framed shower door may be a better option because there is a bottom metal track that is sealed to the tile. This is very important and is something we look for when measuring for an enclosure.


For landlords looking to install a shower door in a rental, a framed shower enclsoure is more cost effective and normally can withstand abuse a little better than frameless doors. Also, because they are more water tight, it may be to the owners advantage to choose this option.


Framed shower enclosures tend to be about 10% cheaper. By choosing a framed shower door you may save fifty to hundred dollars. When budget really matters you may need to save everywhere you can. The more complex the shower is the more you may save with a framed enclosure.