If you are tired of scrubbing hard to clean shower glass, then consider applying EnduroShield. EnduroSheild is a protective coating that creates an ultra-long lasting shield on all glass surfaces. The best part: it reducing cleaning time by up to 90%! EnduroShield helps protect glass against etching, staining, and build-up from:EnduroShield Glass

star_glSoap Scum

star_glHard Water

star_glSalt & Chlorine


Lime Scale

star_glGrime & Dirt

star_glBody Oils

It even protects against the build up of mold and harmful bacteria! EnduroSheild is a must have in an area with hardwater or well water like Golden Gate Estates. Untreated water can destroy new glass very quickly if not properly maintained. Many people also use it on outdoor glass railings and windows with much rain or sprinkler exposure. It can also be applied to surfaces like tile and stainless steel. For more information on the benefits of EnduroSheild click here to visit their website.

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