Beveled Mirror Strips

Beveled Mirror Strips

Beveled Mirror Strips can transform a standard bathroom vanity mirror into a luxury mirror. Many customers choose beveled mirror strips for the mirrors in their bathrooms because it is a great way to update a vanity area with out spending thousands of dollars. These mirrored strips are actually applied right over your existing mirror. We do not need to remove your mirror or alter anything. We simply cut the beveled mirror strips to fit your mirror and adhere them with strong tape and glue to make sure they stick long term. If you are interested in fixing up your bathroom, consider hiring Estero Shower Glass & Window to help.

How Wide?

Beveled Mirror Strips come in different sizes: two inch, three inch, and four inch widths. The bigger the mirror, the wider mirror strip we suggest using. Using a smaller strip is best for smaller mirrors.


In most cases customers choose to use decorative mirror corners in the application. This is what is shown in the picture above. However, there is also an option to miter them on a 45 degree angle like a picture frame’s corners. Each option is about the same price. Either design is very nice and will make your mirror look great.

When not to do corners

If the backing your mirror is beginning to show signs of decay in the middle of the mirror, the mirror may need to be replaced and installing new product on old mirror is not a good choice. However, if only the edges are showing black decay, this is a common problem and beveled strips would cover it very well avoiding a whole new mirror purchase.

if you are interested in getting a free in home consultation for beveled mirror strips in your bathroom, consider giving Estero Shower Glass & Window a call. We serve Naples, Bonita springs, Estero, and Fort Myers. We look forward to meeting you and earning your trust.